A downloadable interactive story game for Windows

My first game. It is an interactive story  made in 3 days out of boredom. Somewhat based on true events.

It's all about trying to be happy; remembering your childhood but not being stuck there in the past.

This game is short: 

Approx. 45 minutes long if you read everything. 

Approx. 15 minutes long if you skip everything. 

If you need help with anything, just leave a comment I guess. I have all the free time in the world right now, so if I see that someone needs help with something, I'll try to help.

I'm very socially awkward so don't expect much if you want to have an actual conversation with me. Sorry. 

Install instructions

-unzip the zip file (happyAgain.zip) into a new folder.

-run the game.exe file and enjoy :)


HappyAgain.zip 250 MB


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What game maker do you use?

I use RPG Maker VX Ace

Okay.. I feel dumb but I am stuck at the beginning in Grandma's house. I have funny glasses and a blue teddy and can't find a way to enter the room in which organ plays.. HALP

Hello! Don't worry, you aren't dumb. This was my first game and uh... it shows. Go to the entryway of Grandma's House (the room with the giant purple chair) and check the cabinet there. After reading the notepad in there, you should be allowed in the southern room of the house. If you need anymore help, I'd be happy to lend a hand. Thanks for playing my game :)

Hey, the story is actually pretty good! Some scenes were really touching, and I globally liked the experience. It's your very first game, and it shows (There's a lot of beginner's errors in RPG Maker), but I've seen way worse first games!

I suggest you to look at Yume Nikki and its fan-games! I'm sure you'll love these games, and you could learn a lot by playing them.

Thanks for the advice! I'll check out those games when I can.

I love this Game. I was like a child in a candy store. just running around spamming the action button on everything.

Touching  and Original story,  10/10. Hope you win the contest.

Aww, I'm glad you like the game. Thanks for the compliments!

Hey, your game looks cool! Just letting you know that the game won't run on computers without the VX Ace RTP, so it'll be disqualified from the jam unless you update it :0 Good luck!

Thanks for letting me know that. I looked around online to see how to make it so that my game can run without the VX Ace RTP and I followed those directions as best as I could. I tested the new game file and it works on my computer, but I have no idea if it will run on a computer without the VX Ace RTP. Um... Hopefully it works without it now. Thanks for the tip!

Yes, it works now!

Yay! :)